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Pest control services for Folkestone & Kent

Commercial and domestic pest control services

ASA Pest Control Services

We provide a full range of pest control services for commercial and residential property.


Rats and mice carry diseases and threaten public health by contaminating food sources and buildings. ASA Pest Control prioritizes elimination and prevention of their return.

Garden Pests

Rabbits, foxes, and moles cause damage to gardens, crops, and property. ASA Pest Control provides effective and humane solutions to control these pests through traps, barriers, and repellents.


Wasps, bed bugs, and cockroaches are harmful pests that can cause discomfort and transmit diseases. ASA Pest Control provides safe and effective control through various methods.


Pigeons and seagulls can damage buildings and carry diseases. Falconry and guano cleaning are effective and humane methods offered by ASA Pest Control Services.

Specialist Service: Bird control with falcons

Falcons are used in pest control to disperse pest birds like pigeons and gulls. They do this by flying over the designated area multiple times, alerting the pest birds to their presence.

ASA Pest Control are experts in using falconry to control unwanted pests.

Why Work With Us


We are a professional pest control company with over 10 years of experience.


We are licensed and insured and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We use the latest and most effective pest control methods.


We are available 24/7 for emergency service.


Bird Control for Canterbury City Council

ASA Pest Control work with Canterbury City Council on a regular programme to control bird pests and droppings within one of their multi-storey car parks.

Regular clearing ensures that the pests are kept under control. 

Client Testimonials

“I couldn't be happier with the service I received from the Martin. My kitchen is now completely rat-free, and the process was quick and efficient.”
JD - Canterbury
"Martin and his ferrets did an excellent job of removing the pesky rabbits from my property. Their expertise and professionalism made the entire process smooth and hassle-free. Highly recommended!"
SE - Ash
"Martin's skill as a falconer is truly impressive. Watching him work with his birds is a sight to behold. I highly recommend him for any falconry needs."
Carl - Ramsgate

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